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  1. Timber Decking Malaysia: Beside wheather, timbers is also subject to attacks by biological agencies such as fungi and insects, especially termites. While some timbers are more durable than others, by and large, all timbers will succumb to attacks under the right conditions. These conditions include the presence of moisture, and insect infestation, especially the possible presence of termites.   
  2. The key factor in selecting wood for use out-of-doors decking is durability - its ability to resist the conditions that give rise to decay. Some species of wood have a natural ability to resist decay completely; others have varying degrees of natural durability.   
  3. Chengal, Belian, Merbau and Balau are some timber species that more durable than others. This heavy hardwood are suitable timber species for decking. However, other than this handful of naturally durable timbers, all other timbers should be treated with preservatives to enhance their service life-span.  

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  • Preservatives treatment are chemicals that are introduced into the timber to prevent attacks by biological agencies. In order to ensure proper protection of the timber, the chemicals must be well and truly impregnated into the timber. The only way to ensure this is to use pressure-impregnation methods when treating timbers. Merely brushing, spraying and dipping the timber with preservatives will not impart an efficient protection to the timber. Therefore, it is wise to insist on the pressure-impregnation method when treating your timber.
  • There are many chemicals available in the market that are used to protect timber. However, for a timber structure to be properly protected, the treatment should last for a long time and if possible, permanently. The only way to achieve this is to select chemicals that are capable of permeating into the timber in a permanent manner. Furthermore, many of the chemicals available in the market tend to break down with time and therefore their protection value will reduce as time goes on.

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