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Robina Laminate Flooring - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The massive influx of different brands send mixed messages as to the quality of laminated floor. Below are some of the questionnaires and answers which can be used as guidelines for choosing the right product.


Where is the laminated floor originates? At which factory?


⇒ Mentakab, Pahang, Malaysia


Is your brand name a factory brand or an OEM brand?


⇒ Factory brand


How does it differ when it comes to warranty?


⇒ Direct Manufacturer


Who issue the warranty certificate?


Robina Flooring Sdn. Bhd.


Does your product meet with International Quality Standard?


⇒ European Standard


Any attestation and certification?


⇒ EN13329


What is your HDF coreboard made of?


⇒ 100% Tropical Hardwood


How moisture resistant is your floorboard?


⇒ < 8% swelling


Does your floorboard come with edge protection against moisture?


Vacumat© patented technology


Does your floorboard termite resistant?


⇒ Yes


Is your floorboard complied with the E1 formaldehyde emission?


⇒ Yes


Eco Friendly

Responsible Supplier - No illegally logged timbers, ever.Video - Illegal Logging

Robina Plantation Sdn. Bhd. incorporated in year 2004, this subsidiary of Robin Resources is a forestry development on 4,040 hectares of land located about 15km from the factory base supported by the state government for the plantation of tropical hardwood species.

Permanent nursery has been set-up with the initial 5 millions seedlings of the selected "First Generation" have been planted. this long-term investment is to ensure the sustainability of wood fiber resources for the group's extensive product ranges in the future.


  1. TERMITE WARRANTY - Robina provide up to 10 years manufacturer warranty for floorboards which are deemed structural unfit by termite attack.
  2. WEAR AND TEAR WARRANTY - Robina provides up to 25 years of manufacturer warranty if floorboard surface is worn off in an area of at least one square centimetre on one panel.
  3. STAINING WARRANTY - Robina provides up to 25 years of manufacturer warranty for floorboard which has visible stains on the surface due to the following substances: acetone, hand-cream, fruit and vegetable drinks, fats, coffee, cola drinks, nail lacquer or similar products.
  4. FADING WARRANTY - Robina provides up to 25 years of manufacturer warranty for decor layer which has faded due to household lighting.


The limited warranty only applies within the warrant period with the affected flooring area greater than one square centimetre on one panel. Proof of purchase attached with date of purchase must be presented to make a claim. The company reserves the right to inspect all reported defective products by the company authorized personnel before recognizing any claims. The company will replace the defective floorboard only at no charge; any others related materials and installation costs are excluded in the warranty.

For more information, please refer to the Robina Warranty Card or kindly log onwww.robinaflooring.com

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